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Powering a Sustainable Future with Green Hydrogen

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What is

The Hydrogenia is a modern autonomous complex dedicated to the generation, storage, and utilization of green hydrogen. It offers a decentralized/cloud-based production system, ensuring low-cost and environmentally friendly hydrogen production.

Our park is designed to address the challenges of expensive and inefficient hydrogen production by electrolysis and the costly transportation of hydrogen over long distances.

We provide a comprehensive solution for the decarbonization of mass processes, enabling industries, transportation, energy, and other sectors to transition to clean energy sources.




Our decentralized production model allows for the production of green hydrogen at approximately 1 euro/kg, making it an affordable option for various applications.


Efficient Storage

We offer highly efficient storage of hydrogen in the form of ammonia, enabling seasonal storage and ensuring a reliable energy supply.• Scalability: The production capacity of the Hydrogenia can be adjusted based on the available green electricity generation capacity and the demand for hydrogen products.


Off-Grid System

Our park incorporates an off-grid system, utilizing a PV farm to generate green energy and ensuring 24/7/365 hydrogen production. This approach increases process efficiency, autonomy, and minimizes transportation costs.


Diverse Applications

The produced hydrogen can be utilized in a wide range of sectors, including electricity generation, fuel cell-based electricity production, transportation, ammonia synthesis, fertilizers, synthetic fuels, methanol, and more.


Energy Enrichment

We offer the enrichment of natural gas pipelines with hydrogen, enabling the integration of hydrogen into existing energy infrastructure.


Environmental Impact

By using green hydrogen, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and supporting the transition towards a sustainable and low-carbon future.

Our value proposition lies in the decentralized/cloud-based production of green hydrogen at a low cost, facilitating the decarbonization of mass processes. With a strong focus on efficiency and scalability, we provide a reliable and affordable solution for industries, transportation, and energy sectors to transition towards sustainable energy sources.

The Hydrogenia

The Hydrogenia stands out by offering a decentralized/cloud-based production system for green hydrogen, ensuring low-cost production and efficient storage. Our integration of an off-grid system and the option for seasonal storage further differentiate us from traditional hydrogen production methods

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Hydrogenia utilizes cutting-edge technology in its decentralized/cloud-based production of green hydrogen. By leveraging advanced electrolysis processes and efficient ammoniastorage, it offers a technologically advanced solution for hydrogen generation,storage, and distribution.

Off-Grid Capability

The Hydrogenia offers an off-grid system option, enabling hydrogen production using locally generated green energy from a PV farm. This self-sufficient approach ensures uninterrupted hydrogen production, even in remote areas or locations with limited access to the power grid. It provides energy independence and reduces dependency on traditional energy sources.

Versatile Applications

The Hydrogenia facilitates diverse applications of green hydrogen across various sectors, including transport, industry, energy, and more. It enables the transformation of hydrogen into multiple valuable products such as ammonium fertilizers, synthetic fuels, methanol, and ammonia. This versatility allows for the customization of hydrogen utilization based on specific market demands and enhances the product's overall value proposition.

Problems addressed

Expensive and Inefficient Hydrogen Production

We tackle the issue of costly and inefficient hydrogen production by utilizing a decentralized/cloud-based production system, reducing production expenses and increasing efficiency.

Expensive and Inefficient Hydrogen Transportation

By offering localized hydrogen production, we eliminate the need for long-distance transportation, mitigating the associated costs and inefficiencies.

Expensive and Inefficient Hydrogen Production

The Hydrogenia addresses the key problem of expensive and inefficient hydrogen production by employing a decentralized/cloud-based approach. This method significantly reduces production costs, making green hydrogen more affordable and accessible, with a target cost of approximately 1 euro/kg hydrogen.

Costly and Inefficient Hydrogen Transportation

Traditional hydrogen transportation over long distances is costly and inefficient due to the low density and lightweight nature of hydrogen gas. The Hydrogenia tackles this issue by promoting local usage and distribution of hydrogen, minimizing the need for extensive and expensive transportation infrastructure.

Decarbonization of Mass Processes

The Hydrogenia provides a prerequisite for the decarbonization of mass processes across industries. By offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels, it enables companies to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to global decarbonization efforts, aligning with the transition to cleaner energy sources.

Key Features

Autonomous Complex

The Hydrogenia operates as a modern, self-sufficient complex dedicated to green hydrogen generation and storage.

Decentralized/ Cloud-Based Production

Our production system allows for distributed hydrogen production, ensuring accessibility and reducing costs.

Seasonal Storage

We provide efficient storage of hydrogen in the form of ammonia, allowing for seasonal energy storage.

Off-Grid System:

Our park incorporates an off-grid system, utilizing a PV farm for green energy generation and enabling uninterrupted hydrogen production.


The production capacity can be adjusted based on the availability of green electricity and hydrogen product consumption needs.

Our Markets

Industries requiring hydrogen for their processes, such as manufacturing, chemical production, and refineries.

Transportation sector, including hydrogen-powered vehicles and hydrogen refueling stations.

Energy sector, for electricity generation and grid support during peak demand.

Agricultural sector, for ammonia synthesis and ammonium fertilizer production.

Synthetic fuel and methanol production industries